Friday, October 25, 2013

Back On My Workout Grind!

I promised the REAL me, Good, Bad and Ugly..............
Drum roooooolllll please!!  YES!  It's true, I'm back on the workout grind.....again.  I'm the worst yo-yo'r I  know. :-(   But I'm on it with a great motivational trainer and partner.  This time I'm getting more into lifting weights, not just my cardio that was doing before.  I'm in it to win it this time.  We all know I'm prone for injury, but this time I have a trainer that I'm working with that knows my alignment and how I work along with what aggravates my back injury.

So, here we go...... STATS:
Currently (here's the horrible honest truth ugh!)
Height: 5'6"
Weight 168lbs (76.36kg)
Bust- 34DD
Waist- 26.5"
Hips - 44"
Pant size loose fitting size 11 ( I actually need new, smaller jeans)

I will add leg and arm measurements in a few days. 
And of course I will post videos- Here is a starting pic for you all

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