Friday, October 18, 2013

Juicing- The first 3 days

Sooooo how have I done?

     The first day of juicing was not bad at all, it was the second day that was difficult.  As most know I work at an emergency animal hospital over night so on day 2 I didn't get off until 8am that morning.  for this reason I also have to kind of change my juicing schedule and spread out about 3 juices over my 10 hour work shift.  The second day though was off because I did not have to work that night (Wednesday) and I was super tired.  I got home, finished drinking my last juice for the 24 hour period and passed out!  I didn't do much of anything that day besides drink water.  I honestly didn't want to drink or even eat anything.  That night at around 8pm we had to leave to go to a haunted house we had tickets for and I had no time to grab anything before leaving the house. By the time we were done I was starving! So what did I do?  I had to actually eat something.  Do I consider this a failure?  Nope, not by any means.  I'm not going to pass out or have a hypoglycemic episode all because I must make it home to juice.  Thursday, today, has been a much better day for me. I woke up bright and early, I had to cook breakfast and lunch for my other half and even then I wasn't tempted at all.  I then made sure I juiced for the day, cleaned up, I was done!  So it makes it much easier if I just get everything done at one time.  Tonight at work I brought 3 juices with me, 1 I drink on the way in and the other 2 I space out and I also bring green tea with me to and a large thing of H20.  So hunger?  Not so much.
Tired and icky feeling?

Nope.  I can't say that I've felt this way.  There are other things going or not going on that I'm having issues with but I don't go in detail.  Lets just say that I now need to invest in a great probiotic and digestive enzymes. 

Gross Juices?

I am not a fan of the kale, lemon, cucumber, green apple and ginger mixture at all.  The lemon goes in unpeeled and it's way too strong and the kale smells like grass really. That one puts me a bit on the nauseous side.  I'm going to have to alter it a bit.  I thought the juice with the beets was going to make me vomit because i detest the thought of eating beets, but it didn't.  I actually like it.  Everything else thus far is very tolerable.

    I will continue as long as my wallet can afford it, because buying produce like this is very expensive.  You can easily spend $100 a week juicing every day.  I don't have anything seriously local and inexpensive where I am.  If I were still in Florida I could do this juice cleanse for next to nothing.

Well, that's it for now.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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